viobond lignin

Chempolis’ new lignin precipitation system at Oulu Pilot is now in production

The high focus on the development of lignin has produced a visible result at our experimental pilot facility Chempolis in Oulu, Finland. Our new 6Pck system is in operation with full speed.

The tailor-made system based on our own development and engineering is dedicated to both R&D and production purposes of different lignin slurries from Chempolis’ formico® processes.

With the 6Pck system we are able to perform precipitation of lignin with different methods and various operating conditions,

says Keijo Hytönen, General Manager of Oulu Site at Chempolis.

The system can be used both for static and dynamic precipitation production methods. Process conditions and operating recipes can be varied based on the current product targets and used feedstock.

We have gained even more promising results than we expected at the first trials,

says Laura Kupiainen, Research And Development Engineer at Chempolis

6Pck system will support Chempolis’ Pilot plant operations in many projects, such as VIOBOND.